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The coronavirus pandemic has some serious implications for travel and related business. Already one airline, Flybe, has ceased trading and others are likely to follow. In the UK Budget on March 11 money was set aside to help tourism related businesses through hardship that coronavirus is creating.

In an effort to keep you up-to-date with how coronavirus is affecting travel, and how it might affect your travel plans I have tried to gather some of the news related to travel and coronavirus. Each snippet comes with a link to the source and the fuller story.

Ryanair at the airport

Sharp decline in demand for air travel

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak on demand for air travel was partly to blame for the collapse of the airline Flybe, says the company. Source: Sky News 

Airlines cancel thousands of flights due to the coronavirus crisis. Flights to coronavirus hotspots particularly affected. Source:

Norwegian Air, pioneer of low-cost transAtlantic flights, to cut around 3000 flights and lay off staff as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Source:

Virgin Atlantic admits to flying near-empty planes rather than cancel flights to keep the valuable slots it has at busy airports. Source:

Travel bans and restrictions

US president, Donald Trump, has imposed a ban on arrivals from the 26 countries of the Schengen border-free travel area. The UK and Ireland, being non-Schengen countries are not affected by the ban. Source:

The Government of Italy imposes restrictions on all but essential travel. The FCO advises against travel Italy. Source: The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

First planes, now trains

Train operating companies in the UK are to reduce the number of services. Falling demand and staff shortages due to self-isolation are cited as the reasons. London Underground has close 40 stations until further notice. Vital services are being maintained for essential workers to commute to work. Source:

Latest travel bans and restrictions

Australia and New Zealand order arrivals to self-isolate for 14 days. Spain and France considered closing borders. Poland has closed its borders to foreign nationals. South Korea and China are tightening entry restrictions at Beijing airport. The US has added the UK and Ireland to the list of European countries with a travel ban. Australia is banning foreign cruise ships for 30-days. Source:

Coronavirus updates
Keep up-to-date with Coronavirus updates from insurers

Travel insurance issues

Coronavirus to become a “notifiable disease” in England following Northern Ireland and Scotland’s lead. Will help with loss of business insurance claims in travel industry. Source:

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