Coronavirus and Travel


Whatever your views on the coronavirus called Covid-19 there is no denying  it has affected travel plans. I am not entering into the myth vs fact debate here nor am I about to quote some panic-inducing stats. What I will look at is how the current Covid-19 panic is affecting travel plans. 


FCO and insurance

The question many are asking is whether travel insurance covers you if you decide to cancel your holiday because of the Covid-19 virus. Travel insurance companies rely on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) travel advice to decide whether you are covered by cancellation insurance. If the FCO advises against travel to any particular country, region or city then you are covered. Some airlines and holiday companies are prepared to let you change your bookings without charge but that is it unless the FCO advises against travel.

British Airways


Airlines are cancelling flights. This is not because of the high risk but, despite what their PR departments may say, for economic reasons. Simply, it is not enough bookings, due to the current caution by travellers, to make economic sense. They will try and get you to rebook but you are within your rights to demand a refund. 

Tour operators and accommodation providers

Accommodation providers and tour operators are being hit particularly hard as the number of bookings are down. People are looking at staycations or other unaffected destinations. This is particularly acute in countries and regions where Covid-19 has been reported. This tweet from Hotel Giorgione pleading for visitors is typical.

Mixed blessings

First the good news. Supply and demand have a large affect on prices in travel as much as any other service or product. At the moment demand is low to there are some good deals to be had if you are willing to buck the trend.
The bad news is that weak holiday companies will not survive and will either go under or be acquired by stronger companies. Less competition will mean prices will rise in the future. Another factor that will feed price rises will be companies clawing back some of their losses.
There are bound to be other factors and a lot will depend on individual situations. Do your research well and look around for good deals.
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