Where in the World (400)

Where in the World milestone

Where in the World has reached its 400th edition. The first distorted image didn’t even have a number as I didn’t really expect it to continue. I know for some readers it has become part of their regular weekly routine, dare I say obsession. I also know that for those who send in answers there as many who just quietly test their skills but do not send in their answers preferring to take part incognito.

Below are some of the more interesting editions of “Where in the World…” How many of them did you get?

Where in the World

Where in the World shoutouts

There are several of my readers who have been around for some time and want to acknowledge their achievements here.

Tim (@timofnewbury) has been around identifying the distorted images more than anyone else. He started identifying the cities about the 8th edition and has hardly missed a week. Most times he is correct too.

Closely following is Atul (@pixodentist) who also has rarely missed a week.

Although Jackie (@JackiesJourneys) joined later than the other two she holds the longest streak of winning answers. Jackie has recently passed the milestone of an unbroken stretch of 2 years of correct identifications and is aiming for three years.

Thanks for sticking around and supporting, along with many others, “Where in the World…”

Answer to edition 399

Last week’s distorted image had several clues. The most obvious was the style of the buildings in the foreground. Certainly east Asian and most likely Chinese. Towards the outer edge of the image were indications that this was a city of some considerable size and there was a bridge and TV mast that could help in identification. I also left a clue in the description last week that the city was well-known but hardly likely to be on the tourist trail anytime soon.

The buildings are part of a complex surrounding Yellow Crane Tower which can be found in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Where in the World 400 Wuhan
Wuhan, China

Congratulations to Atul (@pixodentist), Tim (@timofnewbury) and Jackie (@JackiesJourneys) who  correctly identified the city in Where in the World (399) as Wuhan.

This week's distorted image

As usual for each milestone reached there will be a prize for this week’s “Where in the World…” Everyone who identifies the city correctly will be entered into a prize draw. the first name drawn at random will receive an Amazon voucher (value £15); the second name drawn will receive an Amazon voucher (value £5)

This week’s distorted image is a city skyline. It is not the usual view of the city and its iconic landmarks but they are easily identifiable. Good luck.

Where in the World

You can leave your answer in the usual way on Twitter (@lethers). Alternatively you can Direct Message me on Twitter. Please make sure that you use the hashtag #WITW400 so that I can find your reply.

If you are not on Twitter you can send an email via the contact page. When leaving your answer please use the hashtag #WITW400 as indicated above.

Something special

To mark the occasion of the 400th edition I am planning to produce a downloadable e-book of a series of images similar to those that have featured in “Where in the World…” For this project I would like to know what you would like included. What themes? Just WITW images? Or other quizzes? Do let me know in the comments or by DM on Twitter (@lethers)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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