Where in the World (392)

Answer to edition 391

The view in the distorted image from last week is one that is often seen in guidebooks and on post cards of the city. It is the view of a safe anchorage used since medieval times and and one that suffered serious bombardment from the air during WWII. The gunner and the sign “Saluting Battery” would suggest a close connection with Britain. It is the Grand Harbour on the island of Malta and the city is Valletta.

Gun salute overlooking the Grand Harbour of Valletta, Malta - Where in the World 392

Congratulations to Dave (@travelling_dave), Beverley (@BevSackville), Tim (@timofnewbury) Jackie (@JackiesJourneys) and Atul (@pixodentist) who correctly identified this week’s distorted image as Valletta.

This week's distorted image

This week’s distorted image will prove challenging even with the help of Google. It is a city that has not appeared on “Where in the World…” before and is one that few western tourists have visited. Good luck in identifying it.

Update: Here is an additional clue. The city is in a country often called the “Land of Turquoise Domes” and although this is not technically a dome it does decorate a mausoleum.

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