Where in the World (384)

Answer to Where in the World (383)

There is some debate as to whether the featured distorted image isa city or an estate built by some rich or powerful Inca. However, it is often given the moniker “Lost City of the Incas” which is what I have gone with in posting it. The prominent rock, half hidden in the clouds, is recognisable as being the landmark that identifies the “city” as Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

Last week's winners

Last week’s challenge was pre-scheduled as I was away in Lanzarote and the Internet connection where I was staying was intermittent. 

Only two readers identified Where in the World (382) as Vienna. Congratulations Atul (@pixodentist) and Jackie (@JackiesJourneys).

A big shoutout for Jackie as she did not get a single answer wrong in 2019. In fact by mid-March she will hit the two year mark. Well done.

This week's winners

Congratulations Janette (@GlobalGrapevine). Jackie (@JackiesJourneys), Beverley (@bevsackville) and Tim (@timofnewbury) who all managed to identify Machu Picchu.

This week's distorted image

This week the distorted photograph features a city skyline. It is a skyline that easily recognisable in its entirety. However that part shown in the distorted image is missing some of the more distinctive features as it shows only part of this well-known skyline. Good luck

You can leave your answer in the usual way on Twitter (@lethers). Alternatively you can Direct Message me on Twitter. Please make sure that you use the hashtag #WITW384 so that I can find your reply.

If you are not on Twitter you can send an email using the via the contact page. When leaving your answer please use the hashtag #WITW384 as indicated above.

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