Where in the World (375)

Answer to Where in the World (374)

Unless you have been to this city it is all to easy to mistake the distorted image for Marseille or Lyon in France. Both have cathedrals or basilica perched on a hill overlooking the city. I am sure there are one or two others but not with an amusement park below them on the hill. The image features Mount Tibidabo, the amusement park of the same name and the Church of the Sacred Heart. The city is Barcelona.

Where in the World (374)
Barcelona, Spain

If your a fan of identify these cities from “Where in the World…” then I have devised a separate quiz that features distorted images of 10 of the world’s natural features.

Congratulations this week to Jackie (@jackiesjourneys), Tim (@timofnewbury), Atul (@pixodentist), Paco (@paco_almanzor), Dave (@travelling_dave) and Beverley (@bevsackville) who all identified the city as Barcelona.

This week's distorted city

Another city skyline is featured in this week’s distorted image. It is a fairly generic one but there are a few clues to its identity. Good luck.

You can leave your answer in the usual way on Twitter (@lethers). Alternatively you can Direct Message me on Twitter. Please make sure that you use the hashtag #WITW375 so that I can find your reply.

If you are not on Twitter you can send an email using the form below. When leaving your answer please use the hashtag #WITW375 as indicated above.

A Quiz with a Twist

Weekly quizzes are popular on the Travel Unpacked website as evidenced by the longevity of the “Where in the World…” quiz.

For those who love to test their travel knowledge I have posted a new quiz with 10 distorted images of iconic natural features found in the many and varied landscapes of Planet Earth.

Can you identify all 10 features? Some are easy to identify others are a little more challenging. Click the button below to start the Natural Features Quiz

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