Where in the World (353)

The distorted image from last week was a little more challenging than expected. The city was, in some cases, mistakenly identified as Glasgow which has a similarly shaped building. The image is of the ultra-modern City of Arts and Sciences and the main building featured is L’Hemisfèric. Last week’s city, Siena hosted a traditional and historical horse race in keeping with its heritage. The city featured this week also holds races in keeping with its modern architecture. Moto GP and F1 Grands Prix are, or have been, held here too. The city is Valencia in Spain.

The City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

Congratulations to Congratulations to someone from Atul (@pixodentist), Jackie (@jackiesjourneys) and Tim (@timofnewbury) who all identified the city correctly as Valencia.

The distorted image this week features a building that dominates the skyline of the city to be identified. Take care as it is easy from to mistake it for a different city several thousand miles away. Good luck

As usual, you can leave your answers in the comments below or on my Twitter feed (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW353. If you are on Twitter then you can Direct Message me with the answer which will be hidden from other readers. Please use the hashtag #WITW353. It makes finding the answers in a continually changing Twitter feed so much easier; your answer is less likely to be overlooked.

You do not have to be on Twitter to send in your answer. You can also email me with the answer here.

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