Where in the World (326)

Last week the distorted photograph featured a building all entrants thought they had identified correctly as the Red Fort. The building is indeed known as the Red Fort, undoubtedly due to materials used in its construction. However, there are two such forts with the same nomenclature, a similar construction material and both were built by the Mughals of India. The two forts are in different cities approximately 200 kilometres apart.

The Red Fort, New Delhi

The one in New Delhi (Delhi) is nearly always referred to as The Red Fort. Although the one in Agra is also called The Red Fort it is equally well known as Agra Fort and occasionally as Red Fort Agra to differentiate it from the one in New Delhi.

“Where in the World…” is about identifying the city so identifying which fort features in the distorted image is important. The ramparts of the Red Fort in New Delhi are topped with distinctive Mughal style pavilions whereas the Agra Fort ramparts lack these additions. The gateways in the New Delhi fort are much grander and architecturally more decorative than the Agra Fort.

I mention that although this building was notable it was not the most iconic building associated with the city. New Dehli has no more iconic buildings other than the Red Fort. Agra, on the other hand, does; it’s the Taj Mahal.

Taking all the clues together the city is identified as Agra.

The Red Fort, Agra (aka Agra Fort)

Congratulations then to Tim (@timofnewbury),  and Dave (@travelling_dave) who both identified the correct Red Fort and thereby the correct city.

This week we are back to a city skyline. This is one of the better-known views of the city and one that often appears in guidebooks and on postcards. The body of water, while not a significant clue to the city’s identity, does feature in the city’s full name.


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