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There is nothing more annoying than to pack the cables for my electronic devices neatly and then find on unpacking them that they have spent the time dancing together. Tangled in an impossible-to-untie mess of spaghetti they seem to have a mind of their own the moment the suitcase is closed. It is so frustrating to spend time undoing them before I can charge, connect or download.

I tried elastic bands, ziplock cable ties, individual plastic bags and old spectacles cases. All of which managed to keep them from entangling themselves in a wrestling embrace. The problem was although they were tidy they went walkabout and buried themselves in the far corners of the suitcase, laptop bag or rucksack.

The answer, for me, came in a nice package from Amazon (£).

BUBM Cable Organiser Case 01
The BUBM Cable Organiser Case comes in a classy charcoal grey colour

The BUBM Cable Organiser Case

Made from splashproof, charcoal grey nylon its classic looks fit equally well with a business travellers ensemble as it would with a leisure travellers kit. The exterior is free of gimmicks and extra pockets. The only external feature (if you can call it that) is the BUBM logo in one corner. It stands for “Be Unique, Be Myself.”

BUBM Cable Organiser Case 002
A smart logo and decent sized zip tags

The cable organiser case (£) opens with two zips on three sides. Large tags on the zips make them easy to find and unzip. The zippers run smoothly and once open the case lies flat.

Considering the muted classy grey exterior the interior is a modern, striking, eye-searing lime green with black trim. These are colours that sit comfortably together but come as a surprise given the outward appearance.

BUBM Cable Organiser Case 003
The striking interior of the BUBM Cable Organiser Case
BUBM Cable Organiser Case 006
There is plenty of room for cables and accessories in the BUBM Cable Organiser Case

There are twelve elasticated loops, two large zipped mesh pockets and three small elasticated mesh pockets. The larger pockets are arranged one at either end on opposite sides of the case. As they are designed for large cables or accessories this prevents the case become too fat at one end. The case is also supplied with hook and eye cable ties.

Cables, once neatly coiled are slipped under the elastic loops. Larger, longer cables can be slid under two of the elastic loops. The only cables I had trouble with were the thin ones that seem to be standard for earphones. My advice is to stick to Bluetooth earbuds. These can easily be stored in one of the small mesh pockets.

BUBM Cable Organiser Case 007
All those easy to lose, difficult to find accessories can safely be stored in the BUBM Cable Organiser Case

Although it is described as a cable organiser there is room in the mesh pockets for a variety of the accessories. I use the larger two to hold a power pack for charging on the go and a mobile wifi modem. The smaller pockets are ideal to hold SD cards, memory sticks and batteries for my DSLR camera. I also store my Leef Drive (£) (a nifty memory stick that expands the capacity of my iPhone) in the pockets as I have a habit of losing it among all the paraphernalia of travelling.

All this looked ideal for preventing wire entanglement. Let the cables try dancing now as they are bound by strong elasticated bands. And once zipped up there’s nowhere to hide.

The BUBM Cable Organiser Case (£) does exactly what it was designed to do; keep cables tidy and in one place without becoming entangled. It also holds all those little extra gadgets that have a habit of getting themselves lost. I have used it for over a year now and it shows little sign of wear or the stitching coming apart. The elasticated loops are still strong and the zips still smooth and easy to open.

This is an accessory I would not be without. Now I am so much less frustrated trying to find the correct cable and then untangling it. All my extra accessories are in one place too.

On longer trips, I would like to be able to include those charging cables with transformers or attached plugs. These do not fit in neatly with all the other wires and accessories as they are a little on the bulky side especially if you include adapters. The great news is that BUBM have a larger cable organiser case for just that purpose which I shall be reviewing at some future date.

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