Where in the World (285)

The key to identifying last week’s distorted city is to identify the obelisk among the spring blossom. While there are a number of cities with memorials similar to this one few of them are surrounded by cherry blossom en masse. The structure is the Washington Memorial which coincidentally was dedicated on this day (February 21) in 1885 and can be found in the United States of America’s capital, Washington DC.

Washington Memorial among the flowering cherry trees, USA
Washington DC

Congratulations to Jackie (@JackiesJourneys), Tim (@timofnewbury), Bev (@bevsackville), Davide (@travelling_dave) and David & Veronica (@emptynester) and Atul (@pixodentist) who all identified the city as Washington DC.

This week the distorted photograph is of another monument. However, it is not the name of the monument that is required but the city where it is located. Obviously, the monument will need to be identified as part of the process of identifying the city.

As usual, you can leave your answers in the comments below or on my Twitter feed (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW285. If you are on Twitter then you can Direct Message me with the answer which will be hidden from. Alternatively, email me with the answer using the contact page – see tab on the menu bar above.

Please use the hashtag #WITW285. It makes finding the answers in a continually changing Twitter feed so much easier; your answer is less likely to be overlooked.

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