Review: 1 Neylands Marina – The Wow! factor plus

Accommodation, of whatever type, that is well appointed always creates a good impression; that all important “Wow!” factor the moment you walk through the door. The marina apartment at 1 Neylands Marina that we stayed in had that “Wow!” factor in spadefuls.

Neylands Marina
1 Neylands Marina

Everything was well thought out, good quality and tastefully coordinated. Anyone can create something similar that will “Wow” a guest but it takes a little something else to raise the accommodation to “Wow!” level plus.

A hamper full of Welsh sourced goodies from Coastal Cottages

From the moment we stepped through the door we felt welcome. No one was there to greet us but, the owner and the agency Coastal Cottages had gone out of their way to make us feel welcome. Firstly there was a note from the owners welcoming us and a hamper with a handwritten card from the Concierge Service offered by Coastal Cottages. The hamper was filled with quality Welsh produce. On the table was an arrangement of a generous bunch of fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers are always welcoming
One of the welcome little surprises awaiting us in the kitchen

Moving through to the well-appointed kitchen we discovered bread and a selection of high-class spreads. On the opposite side of the kitchen was a coffee making machine and beside it the coffee. Not just a single coffee but a whole selection of coffee pods. Alongside this were various quality teas. Last, but by no means least was a small selection of chocolates by local chocolate makers Wickedly Welsh.

Quality in everything was a hall mark of 1 Neylands Marina

Everything spoke of generosity; quality bedding, quality towels, the bread and spreads, the hamper and the chocolates and coffee. Not a hint of parsimony in anything.

The bedroom

I have always maintained that “You do not get a second chance to make a first impression.” Certainly, the first impression created at 1 Neylands Marina was one of a warm and generous welcome. That first impression stayed with us throughout our stay.

The apartment overlooks the Neylands Yacht Marina and Gaddarn Reach

The apartment is on the ground floor overlooking Neylands Yacht Marina in a Gaddarn Reach off the inlet that brings the sea right up to the town of Pembroke. The reach is tidal so at times you can see the boats and at other times you only see the masts. Being so close to the marina meant, unsurprisingly, that the decor of the apartment had a nautical theme to it. Throughout the apartment, the colours were muted shades of blue, brown, grey and cream.

Neylands Marina
The superbly comfortable bed

The bedroom contained a queen-sized bed above which was a large texture painting of a boat. The decor, the bed linen and furniture harmonised with the colours of the painting beautifully. The bed was firm enough to be supportive but soft enough for comfort.

French doors open out onto a small private courtyard that caught the sun in the early morning. A small bistro table and chairs made it the ideal place for a morning coffee and breakfast.

The bathroom was exceptionally well appointed with both a bath an over-the-bath tropical rain shower. Toiletries reminiscent of a top class hotel were supplied.

Neylands Marina 003
The living area overlooks the marina

The dining/sitting-room overlooked the marina with french doors opening out onto a wooden verandah. It was great to be able to sit outside watching the boats and the activity in the marina. There was plenty of space with and cleverly designed table and chairs meant they did not take up much of the living space.

Neylands Marina
A well-appointed kitchen is essential in a self-catering apartment

The kitchen was like one of those you see in the showroom but never find in a house. They had squeezed everything imaginable in to make food preparation easy. There were extras like a coffee machine that was completely unexpected. Every possible utensil was there plus a wide choice of plates, bowls, cups and glasses.

Neylands Marina
1 Neylands Marina – a ground floor boutique apartment

This executive style boutique apartment would be a welcoming place anywhere you care to mention. That is a result of the care and attention to detail of the owners. The fact that it overlooks a marina and is on a quiet stretch of Gaddarn Reach is an added bonus.

You can book a stay at 1 Neylands Marina through Coastal  Cottages of Pembrokeshire. They specialise in coastal properties in the county of Pembrokeshire, a county with a great deal of scenic coastline.

Declaration: I stayed at 1 Neylands Marina as a guest of Coastal Cottages of Pembrokeshire and the owners of the apartment reviewed above. However, I value my editorial independence, as do my readers and will always write an honest review of based on my experiences.

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