An easyjet story for Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas in skies over Hampshire…,

When an easyjet flight became Santa and his reindeer.

OK, the poetry leaves a bit to be desired but it does rhyme. I don’t think I’ll ever make poet laureate any time soon so I’ll revert to prose whenever my poetic creativity leaves me.

Out on the grass a little girl looked up to the sky,

In the hope she would see Saint Nicholas fly by.

A local community association bar somewhere in South Hampshire had arranged a family night on Christmas Eve with a special appearance by a man in a red and white costume. The little girl was out on the lawn staring into the night sky hoping that this year she would catch a glimpse of Santa and his eight reindeer.

easyjet Christmas 002
easyjet flight ready for take-off
[© easyjet]
At that very moment the easyjet flight from London’s Gatwick Airport to Lisbon was passing overhead. Unknown to the easyjet pilot, his crew and the Lisbon bound passengers the aircraft’s blinking navigation lights were spotted. In the excited mind of a five year old they morphed into a sleigh and eight tiny reindeer carrying Santa and his sackful of presents.

"Was that Santa Claus I saw or an easyjet flight to Lisbon?"
“Was that Santa Claus I saw or an easyjet flight to Lisbon?”

Santa’s Coming

She rushed inside with shrieks of delight to tell her playmates and parents. The latter humoured their daughter and dutifully went outside. Of course her “Santa” had moved on and could not be seen but her excitement could not be dimmed.

“I saw Santa,” she squealed, “He’s coming here. I saw him.”

Not wishing his daughter to be disappointed the father explained that Santa was probably on his way to Australia and would call at their house later that night.

Elsewhere in the building a portly gent was adjusting his costume, fixing his beard and readying his sack of presents for the children of the local community. As the easyjet flight to Lisbon left the Isle of Wight far behind ‘Santa Claus’ opened the door and made his entrance.

The little girl caught sight of the ‘Santa’ and shrieked excitedly to her parents and anyone else who would listen, “He’s here, Santa’s here. I knew he was coming. I saw his sleigh.”

The adults in the room smiled knowingly at each other marvelling at the coincidence and the timing. The little girl’s eyes sparkled with delight. Somewhere over the English Channel the passengers and crew on the Christmas Eve flight to Lisbon were oblivious to the excitement and delight their flight had generated in a small Hampshire community below.

easyjet Christmas
“Have to hurry; my sleigh to Lisbon awaits”
[photo credits: aircraft © easyjet; Santa used with permission]
One thing is certain; it will take a long time to convince a certain young child that Santa Claus is not…

The geek bit…

How was I certain the airline above was an easyjet flight to Lisbon? It just so happens I had the app Plane Finder open on my iPhone (also available for Android). This, for the geek in me, shows commercial airliners and their position in most places around the globe. Tap on a plane and the details of route, airline, aircraft, flight time, flight number and other details are shown on screen. So, I knew where the plane was headed and where from. Of course the app can now be used to time Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve.

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