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Quiz: Domes of Europe

Quiz: Domes of Europe

This month’s travel quiz from Travel Unpacked focuses on Europe and the domes that grace many of its city’s skylines. Domes first made theirĀ appearance in architecture of places of worship and palaces. Today they can be found over sporting venues, government buildings and entertainment centres.

Many are iconic and instantly recognisable others are less well known but all those featured in the quiz feature proud in their city’s skyline. Test your knowledge of the domes of Europe in the quiz below. Then challenge your friends to equal or beat your score.

How did you do? Which did you find the easiest? Which one was most difficult? Share your score in the comments section below.

If you enjoyed this quiz you may enjoy last month’s Bridges Quiz or the Landscapes and Natural Features Quiz. Next month there will be another travel related quiz. Keep checking back.

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