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Where in the World (214)

Where in the World (214)

The building was variously placed in Bath, Leeds, and Bradford in the UK. Surprisingly, considering the architecture, it was not placed anywhere in the US. The word “Capitolo” can be seen on the building’s facade so it is unlikely to be in an English speaking country and more likely to be found in a city in a Spanish speaking country.

The cars and the palm trees were also used by some people as additional clues to identify which country the city was in. Taking all clues into account would give you Havana in Cuba. Of course there are some who have been there and recognised it without help from any clues.

Havana, Cuba

Havana, Cuba

This week there are congratulations to Jackie (@JackiesJourneys), Tim (@timofnewbury), Atul (@pixodentist), Simon (@similtiades), Davide (@travelling_dave) and Dee (@DeeCornes).

This week’s distorted photograph is an iconic view of the city to be identified and is often seen on photographs and in guidebooks.


You can leave your answers in the comments below or on my Twitter feed (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW214. If you are on Twitter then you can Direct Message me with the answer which will be hidden from the Twittersphere. Alternatively email me with the answer using the contact page – see tab on menu bar above.

Do remember it is the city that needs to be identified. I am getting answers that tell me what the building or structure is but the name of the city is absent.

Please use the hashtag #WITW214. It makes finding the answers in a continually changing Twitter feed so much easier; your answer is less likely to be overlooked. Good luck

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