Quiz: Know your bridges

Regular readers of this blog will know about the “Where in the World…” weekly quiz. A twisted photograph of a city is posted each week for readers to identify. The photograph will often feature an iconic bridge as a clue to identifying the city. One particular reader, Tim (@timofnewbury), is particularly good at identifying any city where a bridge is featured in the distorted photograph.

So many cities around the globe feature iconic bridges that immediately identify them. We have the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Tower Bridge in London, Brooklyn Bridge in New York and Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon to name just a few. Less well known are Erasmus Bridge, Charles Bridge or the Chain Bridge. Do you know where they are?*

How well do you know your bridges? Can you match the bridge with the city in the quiz below? Some of them will be easy; others less so and you may have to rely on other clues in the detail of the photograph.

Have some fun with this quiz and challenge your friends to see how well they know their bridges. I am expecting Tim to identify them all. Can you equal that?

There is one last bridge that needs identifying; my own surname “Lethbridge” would indicate my ancestors had something to do with a bridge. Which one remains a mystery, though we do know it is in the West Country (of the UK) most likely Devon or Cornwall. There is also a small town in Newfoundland called Lethbridge and a coal mining town in Alberta with the same name. Any leads or clues would be welcome (Use the comments section below)

*Rotterdam, Prague and Budapest respectively

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