Where in the World (208)

Four years and 208 “Where in the World…” puzzles since the first one way back in 2012. This then is the 4th anniversary of the quiz with a twist and in partnership with www.mobilesolarchargers.co.uk we celebrate by giving away two prizes. However, more on that later as we reveal last weeks city.

As expected most people identified the mountain in the twisted photograph as Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan. This very recognisable feature of the Honshu Island landscape can be seen from numerous places including, on a clear day, Tokyo. This was the city almost everyone opted for. However, Tokyo has a skyline with a much higher density of high rise buildings than the skyline depicted in the distorted photograph. There is another city however with less skyscrapers where Mount Fuji also forms the backdrop. That city is Yokohama.

Yokohama, Japan
Yokohama, Japan

This week was much more of a challenge and only one person identified the city correctly. Congratulations Tim (@timofnewbury) on identifying Yokohama.

This week www.mobilesolarchargers.co.uk are providing 2 prizes to mark the 4th anniversary of “Where in the World…”. On my travels I often find my phone and other devices running out of battery life – so much in this digital age is dependant on batteries. Battery technology struggles to keep up with power sapping technology in our multitude of devices. The answer is to have extra power in power banks.

Aqua Trek
The ‘Aqua Trek’ left in the mud

The prizes

The Aqua Trek Waterproof Power Bank from www.mobilesolarchargers.co.uk is a tough looking and robust piece of kit. It is capable of being used and abused during most adventure travel itineraries and still supply power to charge phones and other gadgets. I gave this a thorough testing which you can read here. Suffice to say it is a piece of kit that has earned a place in my space challenged luggage.

The MSC Travel Solar Power Charger
The MSC Travel Solar Power Charger

The MSC Travel Solar Power Chargers is another handy gadget. Capable of being charged in the usual way from the mains, car or computer it can also be charged using solar power. Not much larger than most smartphones it can be clipped to a backpack or left on the beach towel to charge using the two solar panels. It can then charge two devices at the same time. The full review can be read here.

The first name drawn at random will receive the Aqua Trek Waterproof Power Bank. The second name will receive MSC Travel Solar Power Charger.

This week the distorted photograph is of a much photographed building that is probably the most iconic building in the city to be identified; it is certainly the most photographed.

Where 860

As this is a competition leaving your answer on my Twitter stream is not the best way as others will see the answer. There are two ways to enter without your answer being seen by the Twitterati. You can DM me on Twitter (@lethers) or you can click here and send an email. In each case you will need to provide your full name, email address and of course your answer. Your contact details will not be given to anyone else with the exception of the winners who will need to provide a postal address to the suppliers of the prizes.

The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has a UK or European postal address. Names will be drawn at random from all those who identify the city correctly. The closing date and time for the competition is 10:00pm [BST] on Wednesday 7th September 2016. Entries after this date and time will not be accepted.

Good luck

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