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Quiz – The World’s Natural Features

Quiz – The World’s Natural Features

For almost four years I have been posting distorted photographs of cities to be identified. These are in the form of spherical images often referred to as little planets, tiny planets or small worlds. Unravelling these twisted photographs and identifying the cities has remained popular and has a band of followers who return week after week to exercise their brains and their travel knowledge. This weekly quiz is posted on Wednesday 10:00pm [British Time] See the quiz page

triptych 001

From left to right: Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Kuala Lumpur

However, why should it always be cities? Apart from the fact that they lend themselves to being twisted into tiny planets they often have iconic skylines or landmarks that help with identification.

There are also iconic natural features (though not as numerous) on our planet so decided a few of these, compiled into a quiz would be a welcome addition to the weekly identification of cities.

Below is a quiz with 12 iconic natural features found on our planet. Each one has been distorted. Four options are given as the answer but only one is correct. How well do you think you know Planet Earth?

How well did you do? Which ones did you find the most difficult? Which one was the easiest? Do share your results in the comments?

There is no prize and the quiz will always be available. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it.

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