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Where in the World (164)

Where in the World (164)

The name of the building in last week’s puzzle – Plaza de Toros – sets the scene. It is likely with such a name that the building, a bullring, is in a city with strong Spanish connections and a culture of bullfighting. The Spanish flag above the bullring puts it firmly in Spain (no surprises there).

With numerous cities in Spain, each with their own bullring, you would have to have visited the city where it is to identify it. Alternatively seeing it in a guide book might help or do a little online research (yes, it is allowed). This particular Plaza de Toros is in Madrid

Where in the World

Plaza de Toros, Madrid

Congratulations to Tim (@timofnewbury), Atul (@pixodentist), Jackie (@JackiesJourneys), Obadiah (@ObadiahPoundage) and Eyleen (@eyleensheil) who all identified the city as Madrid.

Last week’s city proved difficult for some people so this weeks is, I hope a little easier. Hopefully there is a good mix; some more challenging and others less so. This week the distorted photograph is of a structure that is iconic and has always been associated with this city.

Where 712

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Please do not forget the hashtag #WITW164 as it makes finding the answers in a continually changing Twitter feed so much easier; you and your answer is more likely to be found.

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