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Puglia foodie trip

Puglia foodie trip

“Come hungry,” they said on the itinerary.

The trip was titled “Eating your way around Puglia” so I assumed correctly that there would be a lot of eating the local food. As always I like to do some research before I travel and having done so I can say this is one trip I will definitely be enjoying.

Puglia is the heel of boot of Italy. Southern Italian cuisine tends to be based on the natural seasonal ingredients the landscape serves up. In the case of Puglia this is olives, cheese, breads and fresh fruit and vegetables among other things. Also because nowhere in Puglia is far from the sea there is plenty of fish too. It goes without saying the the cuisine is Mediterranean, a style I am very fond of.

It’s not just about tasting the food but how it is produced. There will be a visit to a farm and an olive oil mill included.

Puglia Castel del MonteBy Guido Radig (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Castel del Monte – (c) Guido Radig (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Apart from all the food and tastings we will be visiting some of the historical towns and two UNESCO World Heritage sites – Castel del Monte built by Frederick II and Alberobello. The latter is famous for the large number of white conical houses known as  trullo.

Puglia 001

Alberobello – ©

As always I hope to be using my social media platforms to post tweets and updates as well as photographs of my trip as it happens. Of course there will be blogs appearing on this site both during and after the trip.

Declaration: I will be travelling as a guest of Pugliapromozione. However I value my editorial  independence and will write as I see things.

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