Where in the World (115)

Last week’s “Where in the World…” was a great deal more challenging than I thought. Even though I put up a second distorted photograph of the same city on Monday there were still fewer guesses than normal. After seeing the second photograph a number of people headed in the direction of Asia assuming it was a shrine, temple or other holy place. The first twisted photograph, posted as usual on Wednesday, was of the Akerhus Fortress, a medieval castle built to protect the city. The second distorted photograph, posted on Monday was the column of humanity in the Vigeland Sculpture Park. These two are both in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

© www.depositphotos.com/phb.cz
© www.depositphotos.com/phb.cz
© www.depositphotos.com/Nanisimova_sell
© www.depositphotos.com/Nanisimova_sell

Four people identified the city as Oslo but only after the extra help was posted. Congratulations to Richard (@RField75), Jackie (@JackiesJourneys), Atul (@pixodentist), and Tim (@timofnewbury)

This week I am making it far less challenging. However, I have not made it as easy as I could have done as the city’s most iconic structure is not in the the distorted view below.

Where 526

As usual you can leave your answer in the comments below or on my Twitter feed (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW115. If we mutually follow each other on Twitter then you could send me a direct message with your answer. Please do not forget the hashtag #WITW115 as it makes finding the answers in a continually changing Twitter feed so much easier; you and your answer are more likely to be found.

You can also leave your answer under the post referring to this on the Travel Unpacked Facebook page (please like the page while you are there). Alternatively you can also click the contact tab above and send me an e-mail with the answer. Good luck.

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