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Today I am flying out to Muscat, Oman on a bloggers trip. It is only a couple of weeks since I was invited to go sailing with the Oman Air sponsored racing team in the Extreme Sailing Series. This time I will be with Oman Air on a flight to the capital, Muscat. One of the posts as a result of the trip will be a “tell like it is” review of Oman Air’s London Muscat service. Watch out for that in the next day or two

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat, Oman

As it is a bloggers trip there will be posts on aspects of the trip appearing on this blog both during and after the trip. Other than the airline review mentioned above you can expect at least one accommodation review. The last night we spend in the mountains in a lodge hotel called The View. The name itself suggests something special. We will be spending time in Old Muscat and the souk as well as several cultural sites.

Also on the itinerary is a visit to the old fort at Nizwa. Oman is famous for its desert forts and the Nizwa fort is one of the finest examples. There is also a great market there which I am looking forward to investgating.

Sailing is part of the maritime heritage of Oman and there is a national programme to develop sailing among Omanis. On the itinerary there is time for a sunset sail. I don’t imagine it will be the same adrenaline iducing experience I had with the Oman Air sponsored team in Cardiff but I am still anticipating a fantastic few hours on the water.


As usual I will be active on social media during the trip so you can keep up to date with my experiences and my views. My musings will appeaar on Twitter where you can follow me @lethers on the Travel Unpacked Facebook Page and on Google+ (all links are in the sidebar). I generally use a DSLR for my photography but have recently been experimentting with the iPhone  Expect to see my pictures on the Travel Unpacked page. For all the social media platforms that use hashtags I will be using the following #tuinoman and #InMuscat.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for my few days then use the comments section below.

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