Off to Bydgoszcz

Bydgoszcz? Where on earth is it?

If I had not been invited by the Polish National Tourist Office (PNTO) in London to experience the delights of Bydgoszcz (pronounced biggish-ch) I would have only been able to make an educated guess. Checking it out on the map app on my iPad I discovered it is a city in Northern Poland south of Gdansk. There will be more on the city in future posts.


During and after my trip I will be posting several blogs on this site. That’s not all though as I will be live on my social media channels. As always I will be tweeting about my experiences during the day with a few photographs to whet your appetite. You can follow me at @lethers; I shall be using the #InBydgoszcz hashish. I will continue to tweet about Bydgoszcz and it’s surrounding countryside for a few days after my return too.

I will summarise each visit/day on the Travel Unpacked Facebook Page with a larger selection of photographs and a more in depth look at the day. I have more than 140 characters so will use more of them. If you ‘like’ the page you will get updates on your time line and not miss a post.


Caxtonfx Cards have invited me to take over their Instagram page @caxtonfxcards for the 2nd and 3rd of August so for those two days I will be posting my ‘most unforgettable moments’ from the trip. Follow them and me for those two days at @Caxtonfxcards. I will of course be posting to my own channel @gawlethers during the trip so would appreciate the follow too.

Those are the main social media platforms I will be active on but I will also be posting on Google+, the Travel Unpacked Google+ Page and LinkedIn.

Bydgoszcz has been around for over 650 year so there is a walk around the old town on the itinerary. The city is cut into ribbons by two rivers and a canal and during our stay there is a canoe trip down the river and a boat ride on the last day. We will also visit a couple of other towns close by. Torun is the birthplace of Nicholas Copernicus and Chelmno which apparently is known as the ‘City of Love’. I shall discover more of the story behind this moniker in a day or two.

There will also be a couple of reviews. Among them will be an airline review, a hotel review and a restaurant review or two. A look at the itinerary and it is obvious there will be lots to write about.

Why are the PNTO in London promoting Bydgoszcz? Poland is hosting the Volleyball World Cup in September and Bydgoszcz is one of the cities hosting the tournament. That means it’s an opportunity for promoting what the city has to offer.

I hope you will follow my journey here on my blog and on any or all of the social media platforms mentioned above.

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