Where in the World (94)

The twisted photograph for last week’s “Where in the World…” caused considerable confusion. Three cathedrals battled it out for top honours; York Minster and Durham Cathedral were the main contenders with an appearance by Notre Dame in Paris to liven things up a bit. York and Durham are fairly similar but the latter has a much taller central tower. The cathedral therefore is York Minster which of course identifies the city as York.

© Copyright Keith Edkins and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
© Copyright Keith Edkins and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Last week Phytacol provided a prize of two of their products, Phyta Oil and Phyta Lotion. These natural products use the extract of rose hip and the oil of the rose hip seed to protect and keep the skin healthy. I used them on a recent trip to France where my skin took abuse from the sun, a stiff sea breeze, plenty of salt water and chlorinated water. Not once  did my skin dry out or begin to look alder than I am. I was sceptical at first but was soon won over. You can read my review here. The prize is valued at over £20. I would like to thank Phytacol for providing the prize for last week’s competition.

The two Phyta products that are the prize for last week's "Where in the World...". Valued at over £20
The two Phyta products that are the prize for last week’s “Where in the World…”. Valued at over £20

Congratulations go to Jon (@SparksJon) who correctly identified the city as York and was the first correct answer drawn. For those not lucky enough to win you can always purchase Phytacol products from their website.

This week the distorted photograph is of a building that is iconic to the city in which it stands. Once again if you can identify the building you can identify the city… perhaps.

Where 447

Can you identify this week’s city? Any idea “Where in the World…” it is? You can leave your answer in the comments below or on my Twitter feed (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW94. If we mutually follow each other on Twitter then you could send me a direct message with your answer, not forgetting the hashtag #WITW94. You can also leave your answer under the post referring to this on the Travel Unpacked Facebook page (please like the page while you are there). Alternatively you can also click the contact tab above and send me an e-mail with the answer. Good luck.

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