Where in the World (93)

As promised last week there is a prize for Where in the World (93). Phytacol have provide the prize of a bottle each of the PhytaOil and PhytaLotion. What’s so special about them? They are made from natural products and contain rose hip extract and rose hip seed oil. The active ingredient in these goes a long way to protecting and even repairing the skin when exposed to the damaging effects of the sun, the pool, the sea and the breezes while on holiday. I tried the products and, despite starting out sceptical, was impressed. You can read my review, posted earlier today for more details of why I was so impressed.

The two Phyta products that are the prize for this week's "Where in the World...". Valued at over £20
The two Phyta products that are the prize for this week’s “Where in the World…”. Valued at over £20

Of course if you are not into lotions and oils then they make a great present for someone else. At least read my review anyway. Together the total value is over £20

Last week’s “Where in the World…” was relatively easy once the building in the twisted photo was identified. It appears thousands of times in guide books and tourist brochures, though not necessarily from the angle the photograph was taken. The building is the National Palace Museum which is in the Forbidden City. That identifies the city as Beijing.

Beijing © Dimitry B – www.flickr.com

There were four correct answers. Congratulations toTim (@timofnewbury), Atul (@pixodentist), Richard (@RField75) and SplashDSM (@SplashDSM) who is becoming a regular to these posts.

This week’s twisted city is a cityscape but one that is dominated by the city’s most famous and iconic building. You may recognise the skyline or you may recognise the building. Either way it will help identify the city. Remember there is a prize for the first correct answer drawn at random after the competition closes at 10:00pm [BST] / [GMT +1] on Wednesday 25th June 2014.

Where 444

Can you identify this week’s city? Any idea “Where in the World…” it is? As this is a competition week you will not want to leave your answer on my Twitter feed or the Travel Unpacked Facebook Page for all to see. If we mutually follow each other on Twitter then you could send me a direct message with your answer, not forgetting the hashtag #WITW93. Alternatively you can also click the contact tab above and send me an e-mail with the answer. If you choose this route make sure you include in the email the hashtag #WITW93 and your preferred method of contact. Good luck.

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