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This review is about Phyta Lotion and Phyta Oil; beauty products

I can hear the question almost immediately. Why is a veteran traveller reviewing a beauty product on his blog? As any traveller will tell you the skin takes a lot of abuse. Take my last two trips for example. On trip one my skin was abused by the dehydrating atmosphere of the plane, sea spray and wind and a large dose of sunshine. On trip two the skin was abused by a lot of sun, being submerged in saltwater while snorkelling, three days of strong breezes and, just to finish off, was dunked in chlorinated swimming pool water at least once a day. My skin often looks old and the worst for wear after a long trip or several close together. Even more so if there is an adventure element involved.

The Oil and the Lotion; the two Phyta products
The Oil and the Lotion; the two Phyta products

A promotional press release dropped into my inbox about a couple of beauty product Phyta Oil and Phyta Lotion which celebrities were promoting as their “must use” product for that fresh look after the dehydrating effects of long-haul flights.

Phyta Lotion 01
Rose hips
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I am very sceptical of anything endorsed by celebrities so I almost sent the email to the trash. However, I was intrigued by the fact that it contained rose hip oil. I remembered as a child being dosed with rose hip syrup; a kind of 1960s super berry for kids. To be precise the two Phyta products contained rose hip extract and rose hip seed oil.

I also picked up that there were other essential oils and no synthetic or mineral oils, colourings or fragrances. The additional essential oils were apricot kernel, lavender, lime and geranium. Phytacol claim these essential oils protect the skin from sun, wind and water damage and help replace and contain the bodies own natural oils lost during activities in these conditions; exactly what I was facing on my trip to southern France.

I am at that age where skin is supposed to begin to look old but I prefer it not to look older than I am. As I was being offered the product to try out and the fact that it appeared to be wholly natural products I decided to give it a go.

Both Phyta Lotion and Phyta Oil came in near identical dispensers. The oil was in a spray dispenser and the lotion plunger dispenser. The instructions said to apply three times a day (for the lotion) and twice a day (for the oil).

The Phyta Lotion felt fairly lightweight as a moisturiser but was absorbed quickly without any greasy feel left on the skin. The Phyta Oil on the other hand left the skin feeling oily for quite sometime afterwards despite the fact that it was a light oil.

Lavendar has a strong smell and the essential oils from the plant have an even stronger fragrance. For a short time after applying the Phyta Lotion I smelled strongly of lavender with a hint of apricot. While not unpleasant I was a little put off about smelling like a bunch of flowers. Fortunately the fragrance disappears fairly quickly. Just be warned guys.

Short-term the results were good, my skin felt less like the leathery crinkling covering I had become use to after a couple of days of the environment abusing it. However I am well aware that such short-term results can be misleading.

Phyta Lotion 02
The Phyta Lotion will make its way into my summer packing

When I have been out in the sun or submerged in water I do come back and moisturise with whatever is at hand, usually with very mediocre results. I know the facts; skin needs moisturising if it is to remain healthy but I am sceptical about the claims of many products on the market. My initial scepticism with these two Phyta products soon disappeared. By the end of two weeks when the Phyta Lotion had run out my skin looked and felt better than when I had started the holiday. It did not feel or appear dry and still retained its elasticity (such as there is too many years into the 5th decade). A sure sign that the skin has dehydrated, some would say dessicated, too much is the peeling. For me this usually begins about five to seven days into a trip to sunny climes in summer. I’m still waiting, 21 days after beginning to use the product, for the skin to begin to peel.

photo 4My wife wanted in on the action so began using the Phyta Oil. Although there was a small difference it was not as marked as I experienced. It could well be that this is due to the fact that she is constantly moisturising her skin.

WARNING: This product is not for protection against the sun. Just as I did, you need to take all the necessary precautions when out in the sun.

Overall Phyta Lotion worked for me in keeping my skin healthy during my travels and activities in the sun, the sea and the pool. I would like to say I came back with skin that looked younger than me but that might be stretching my credibility a little too far. I can say that my skin looks about as old as I am rather than ten years older. Phyta Lotion is certainly a product I would add to my packing list for trips to the great outdoors or one that involves a little more relaxing on the beach or beside the pool.

What about the claims that it helps reduce stretch marks, ageing skin and scars and blemishes? You will have to go to one of the mummy blogger sites or beauty blogger sites. I have just reviewed the claims it makes for travel related care.

Declaration: The samples of Phyta Lotion and Phyta Oil were given to me free of charge to review. However, I value my independence and always maintain full editorial control.


Like the sound of these products and want to try some yourself? Phytacol have kindly donated the two products reviewed above as a prize in the next “Where in the World…” competition. All you have to do is identify the distorted city in the twisted photograph.

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