Airline Review: British Airways 2

British Airways is a full service airline serving destinations on all continents except Antarctica. It is part of the One World Alliance

Route: London Gatwick – Turin; Aircraft:Boeing 737-400


I did not book the flight. I was unable to check-in online despite several attempts.

British Airways
The automatic check-in at Gatwick which did not work for me
© British Airways –

At the Airport

I used the automatic check-in machines at the British Airways zone but could not complete the process. At the human attended check-in desk I was finally check-in far quicker than the machine would have done. It seemed it could not recognise my passport. It had accepted my seat change though. The staff manning the desk were very helpful and apologetic. They also took the trouble to look up my frequent flier number so I could claim my air miles.


The plane was full so small bags were tagged with yellow for under seat stowage and large bags with green tags for placing in overhead lockers. If people observed that simple rule boarding would have been much smoother. The crew dealt with the problem efficiently and politely and we were able to leave on time.

British Airways 001
BA flight ready to depart from Gatwick Airport
© British Airways –

The flight

We were informed that during take-off and landing that we could use handheld electronic devices in flight safe mode. On short haul flights this is a real bonus as the use of said items is not limited to the short sector of the flight between ascent and descent.

The pilot in an understated manner said that due to the high winds take-off might get a little bumpy. It was one of the scariest take-offs I have experienced but it was good to be forewarned. Once above the clouds it was a lot smoother and the cabin crew could begin to serve the light snacks. I was surprised when offered a choice of coronation chicken or feta cheese and spinach wraps. I was more used to being offered a dry cheese and ham roll on short haul flights; well those that offered free food on board at least. The wraps were provided by a company called Urban Eat and were moist and tasty and not filled out with huge amounts of salad leaves. British Airways have done well to source this product.

Apart from the safety announcements common to all airlines there was a “what the weather is like in Turin” announcement followed by the duty free trolley announcement. The rest of the time you could rest if you so wished. The announcements were however a little hard to hear. I had to concentrate hard which might be an issue in an emergency.

I am an average size guy and found the distance between the seats was more than adequate for the short duration (1hr 40min) of the flight. There were several inches to spare between my knees and the seat back in front. I am guessing that any one much taller than myself would be tiny bit cramped. The leather seats themselves are comfortable with plenty of lumbar support. The adjustable headrest ensures passengers of different heights are catered for.

I have always had good service from British Airways cabin staff and this flight was no exception. It was not until part way through the flight that I realised the service was provided, unusually, by an all male cabin crew. Their service was efficent and not overly attentive.

© British Airways -
© British Airways –

I have come to expect a good level of service and comfort from British Airways and was not disappointed on this occasion. Problems were dealt with in a quiet and efficent manner. It was appreciated by many of the passengers that we were warned of a less than smooth take-off.

British Airways (£)

Rank 8/10

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