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Not every post I write on this website has the same popularity. That’s to be expected as everyone’s interests differ and posts become popular for different, and often unexpected reasons. It may be that they are topical, controversial or someone somewhere with lots of friends or followers shares them on their social media platforms. Of course, it could just be that the subject matter is interesting or appealing to a lot of people. So what were the most popular posts of 2013?

I am using number of visits as my criteria of popularity. Using that criteria my post about Walking with Wolves is way ahead in the popularity stakes. The post was about my walk with Predator Experience’s two origin timber wolves on the Lakeland Fells back in the spring of 2013. For me it ranks as one of the most memorable experiences of last year.

Wolves 001

The next most popular post was a Kit Review. The Flylite Bag review looked at a cabin bag that you can adjust to the different carry-on restrictions of the different airlines. It would seem that many people want such a versatile bag.

Review 003

Another review filled third place. This time it was a review of Brittany Ferries ship The Amorique. This was posted back in 2012 but is still as popular a post as then as now.

Interior of Brittany Ferries Amorique - Photo supplied by Brittany Ferries

In the top 10 of popular posts on Travel Unpacked seven of them are reviews of one sort or another. The remaining three are two destination posts and one experience post (see Walking with Wolves above). Three of the reviews are of London coffee bars; Monmouth Coffee is reviewed in an in-depth review while 12 of London’s independent coffee bars are reviewed in the other two posts Six of London’s coffee bars and Six more London coffee bars. For those interested in such things these come in at five, seven and eight respectively.

Coffee 008

The top airline review comes in at number nine. Silk Air is not an airline you would see at a British or European airport because it is a regional airline operating out of Singapore. It is surprising, therefore, that it is the most read airline review of 2013. The regional arm of Singapore Airlines I flew with them from Singapore to Darwin.

SilkAir 01
Copyright © 2012 Boeing. All Rights Reserved

The last review and the last in the top ten was another review of another carry-on bag, the Cabin Max Lyon.

lyon-trolley-backpack 019

The two destinations that feature in the top ten were a post about Water in Evian and a post about the Local markets of Kuala Lumpur. The Kuala Lumpur post is another one that spilled over from 2012 but has proved to be continually popular throughout 2013.

The Chow Kit Market is one of the largest food markets with an array of interesting foods reflecting the multicultural make up of Malaysia. © gewitterhexer - source:
© gewitterhexer – source:

The ever popular “Where in the World…” posts continue to be popular but having a useful life of a week were never likely to make it far in the annual popularity stakes. The most popular of these was Where in the World (52); popular no doubt because there was a prize on offer.

Where 156

Some posts that were posted towards the end of the year might have made the top ten in 2013 if they had been posted in January instead of November or December. The one that showed most promise was the post on Where to see the Northern Lights which is the highest ranking post of the last two months of 2013.

© Sergey Sidorov - source:
© Sergey Sidorov – source:

I hesitate to predict what will the popular posts of 2014 but it is a fair bet that there will be a few reviews in the top ten. I already have a few kit reviews lined up. There will be more flight reviews and accommodation reviews as well. This along with all the experiences, round-ups and destination posts that fill this blog. What would you like to see cover or reviewed? Leave a comment or contact me direct.

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