Highlights of 2013

As we come to the end of 2013 I thought I would look back at some of the travel highlights of this year for me.

Without a doubt the top trip for me was to Northern Territory, Australia. The initial purpose of the trip was to visit my daughter who was getting married. Not one to miss an opportunity I took an extra 10 days to visit the Top End. Highlights of the trip were kayaking in Katherine Gorge and the magnificent sunsets of Darwin and the surrounding area.

Darwin 037

K-Gorge 018

The top city break was a visit to Lyon, France’s gastronomic capital but it wasn’t just the food that made the trip such a memorable experience. Lyon has become the mural capital of Europe and exploring these was fun – it was difficult at times to identify what was real and what was not. A tour to discover the hidden passageways known as traboules and the hidden courtyards of Old Lyon was the highlight of my stay in the city.

Lyon Mur 009

Lyon 014

Lyon also provided the best all round gastronomic experience of 2013. Three days of eating in restaurants from the traditional bouchons to fine dining at Le Sud. I will be writing a mouthwatering post or two about this early in 2014.

For me the opportunity to review the Chocolat Grand Cafe in Cologne was the best single gastronomic experience. The delightful chocolate confections and drinks in a cafe overlooking the Rhine will be hard to surpass in 2014. I am willing to test that theory this year though.

Choc Cafe 009 

Flying, as all travellers know, is a necessary evil. It can be made a better experience by upgrading to business or first class but for most of us being stuck in economy is the best we can hope for. The best flying experience in 2013 for me was my trip with Singapore Airlines from London to Singapore on my way to Darwin. There is promise of an even better economy class with the launch of new cabin products in 2013 that will be rolled out across the fleet over the next year or so.


In 2013 I began reviewing travel kit. The piece of kit that impressed me most was the Cabin Max Lyon wheeled carry-on bag. It is well made and well designed and being the right dimensions made it possible for me to take a short break to Lyon without incurring hefty baggage charges.

lyon-trolley-backpack 022

As I look forward to 2014 I am certain there will be many highlights to choose from. Among some highlights I am hoping for in 2014 are a trip to hunt the Northern Lights, a multi-day kayak trip and a river cruise. What would you like to see covered here in 2014?

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