The Lost City of Litchfield

You don’t expect to see a Lost City signposted; after all, by definition, it’s not been found yet. So when I saw the sign while visiting the Litchfield National Park during my visit to Northern Territory I was intrigued. The signed pointed down a rough track and there was a warning that it was only suitable for four-wheel drive vehicles. Even more intriguing as many of the major attractions of the park (which I will write about in a future post) can be reached by sealed roads

Lost city
The road to the Lost City

I was driving a 4×4 so decided to go find the Lost City. It was soon evident why a four-wheel drive vehicle was needed; apart from the rough terrain there were patches of soft red sand and large tree roots to contend with. 10km of bouncing around the inside of the Subaru we arrived at a small clearing in the bush. It certainly didn’t look anything like a lost city, just a heap of boulders.

A quick glance round and we spotted another sign to the so called Lost City. It was a 2km circular walk. Heading off around the pile of boulders it soon became evident why the outcrop of weather eroded sandstone rocks was known as the Lost City. The sandstone, eroded into tall towers of rock, looked like the ruined city of some ancient civilisation long since forgotten.

Lit NT 012

Well, it did if you gave your imagination full reign. So here is a selection of images from for you to let your imagination run wild.

Lit NT 004 Lit NT 011 Lit NT 015

Lost City

This heap of sandstone rocks appears to be a stone elephant (on the left) or some other mythical creature guarding the gates to the city. Well, I did say you have to use your imagination.

Lit NT 002

Lit NT 005 Lit NT 006 Lit NT 007

Lit NT 010

Finally what does your imagination conjure up for this pile of rocks? Use the comments below to share your ideas.

Lit NT 008

We visited on a day when all the other attractions in Litchfield National Park were thronged with people. Most of them, however, had not found the Lost City… or maybe they did not have a 4×4 vehicle. What we found, apart from the Lost City, was the peace to enjoy the solitude of the Outback. Long may the city remain lost.

The Lost City is in Litchfield National Park near the township of Batchelor which is 100km south west of Darwin. All practical information on the park can be found on the Parks and Wildlife Commission, Northern Territory’s website.

For more on what to do in the Northern Territory visit their website

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