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Airline Review: Flybe

Airline Review: Flybe

Airline Review

Flybe is a regional domestic airline serving destinations in Europe and the United Kingdom. With several bases across the UK it serves domestic and regional destinations

Flybe HAJ (Hannover)-SOU (Southampton)

I purchased the ticket online. The process is fairly straight forward with three fare options available giving different degrees of service and flexibility. I went for the New Economy fare which gave me 20kg hold luggage and free choice of seat which you make during the booking.


Check-in is done online and all that’s required is a bag drop at the airport

© Flybe

© Flybe


The aircraft was on a remote stand at Hannover so we had to take a bus to the aircraft. Boarding could not be done by seat row from the bus so took longer than it would if it were at a terminal stand.


The cabin crew were very friendly and efficient. A difficult passenger was dealt with without fuss. Despite a slightly longer than expected boarding the flight left on time. The leather seats were a bit too narrow for real comfort however, the lumbar support and headrest were great. The narrow aircraft meant the seat configuration was two either side of a narrow aisle. As a result there was more room in aisle seat as there was no curving bulkhead to contend with. Snacks are available for purchase on the aircraft. There were a good variety but the prices were high. Immediately after the snacks the cabin crew came through with the duty free trolley. The aircraft was a turbo prop which I found to be noisy. This made flight announcements unclear. The flight arrived 20 minutes early in Southampton.

© Adrian Pingstone - source: Photograph used under the Creative Commons Licence

© Adrian Pingstone – source: Photograph used under the Creative Commons Licence

While not the most comfortable of journeys the convenience won me over. Southampton is where I live and from aircraft to home took only 40 minutes. If Flybe go to my destination I’ll fly with them.

Rating 7/10

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