Where in the World (54)

Last week’s “planet” proved to be a tough one. Lisbon seemed to be the most popular incorrect identification. The picture is published below in its undistorted format.

© Alex699 - source: www.wikitravel.org
© Alex699 – source: www.wikitravel.org

I inadvertently made it easy to identify the city. Those who follow or “like” the Travel Unpacked page on Facebook may possibly have picked up that I posted the photograph in its undistorted format to highlight a status up date. It might help you in the future if you “like” the Travel Unpacked page on Facebook; who knows what inadvertent mistakes I may make. The city is Lyon where I have just returned from and which I have been writing and tweeting about and posting pictures like the ones below.

Lyon 02

Lyon 03

Nobody picked up on the inadvertent clue and there were no correct identifications of the city. However many thanks to all who took part.

This week’s distorted photograph is a cityscape with some very recognisable buildings if only they weren’t twisted. It is not the most iconic view of the city but there are enough clues to help in the identification.

Where 186

Can you identify the city? You can leave your answer in the comments below or on my Twitter feed (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW54. If we mutually follow each other on Twitter then you could send me a direct message with your answer, not forgetting the hashtag #WITW54. You can also leave your answer under the post referring to this on the Travel Unpacked Facebook page (please like the page while you are there). Good luck.

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