Where in the World (51)

Last week’s twisted photograph caused some confusion with it being wrongly identified as Paris and the holiday town of Blackpool in  England famous for its illuminations. The large illuminated sign for Ballys was the biggest clue. Neither Blackpool or Paris have such a sign anywhere near their “towers”. There is only one place bold enough to copy the Eiffel Tower and that is Las Vegas which is where this photograph, seen below in its undistorted format, was taken.

Where in the World

Five people identified the city correctly as Las Vegas. A few of the regulars are there but there are two new winners as well. It’s great to see new people taking part. Congratulations to Tim (@timofnewbury), Atul (@pixodentist), Richard (@RField75) and the two newcomers Charles (@CharlesMcCool) and Rosemary (@AntiquesandMe). Thank you all for taking part.

This week’s “planet” is an iconic building in the city to be identified. So once again if you identify the building you stand a good chance of identifying the city.

Where in the World 50

Can you identify the city in this week’s “Where in the World…” twisted photograph? You can leave your answer below or on my Twitter feed (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW51. If we mutually follow each other on Twitter then you could send me a direct message with your answer, not forgetting the hashtag #WITW51. You can also leave your answer under the post referring to this on the Travel Unpacked Facebook page (please like the page while you are there). Good luck.

multibag2As I mentioned last week, next week we reach the milestone of 1 year of “Where in the World…” travel quizzes. I wanted to mark this with something special and luggage company Flylite have generously agreed to offer a carry on bag that is adjustable to the differing airline restrictions. I have recently made two journeys that involved using different airlines with different dimension restrictions for hand baggage. With the Flylite Multibag it was just a matter of a few zips and I was ready to check-in with no problem. Roomy and spacious with the option to wheel it or carry it as a rucksack I found this bag extremely versatile. You can read the full review here.

You can find out more about the bag by visiting the Flylite website. If you like what you see and can’t wait you can purchase via this link which will take you to Amazon.co.uk: Flylite Foldaway Multibag (£)

More details about the competition will be in next week’s “Where in the World…” post. To be certain of being informed when it is posted then sign up (see sidebar) to be sent an email each time a new post is online.

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