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Where in the World (45)

Where in the World (45)

The “planet” from last week challenged everyone. Only two people were brave enough to give it a try and both wrongly identified the city. The style of the building is very typical of Spanish architecture which is not surprising as they conquered this country. As conquerers they also imposed the Catholic religion on the people. The building is the Cathedral in Mexico City and is pictured below in its undistorted format.

Where 157

Next week’s “planet” should be a lot less challenging and is published below. Although there are iconic buildings in the picture it is also a cityscape.

Where 156

Can you identify the city? You can leave your answer below or on my Twitter feed (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW45. If we mutually follow each other on Twitter then you could send me a direct message with your answer, not forgetting the hashtag #WITW45. You can also leave your answer under the post referring to this on the Travel Unpacked Facebook page (please like the page while you are there). Good luck.

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