Where in the World (40)

Last week’s twisted photograph presented a real challenge judging by the paucity of responses. It may have been because the “planet” distorted the cityscape beyond recognition but it is more likely that the city is not a well-known destination. Certainly it is off the tourist routes and well off the beaten track. The tall structure is The Bayterek Tower which is supposed to represent a poplar tree in which an egg has been laid. Many of the ultra modern buildings in the city have been designed by internationally renown architects such as Norman Foster and Kisho Kurokawa.

Here is the photograph in its undistorted format. Can anyone recognise the former Soviet city? Are you any the wiser?

© Maxim Petrichuk - source: www.depositphotos.com
The Bayterek Tower, Astana
© Maxim Petrichuk – source: www.depositphotos.com

The photo shows the city of Astana which replaced the city of Almaty as the capital of Kazakhstan in 1997. There was only one entry this week and, by their own admission, it was a wild guess. There were no correct answers – its been sometime time since the “Where in the World…” weekly pictorial travel quiz has had everyone stumped.

This week’s “planet” is considerably less challenging and features an iconic structure always associated with this city.

Where 148

Can you identify the city this week? You can leave your answers in the comments below or on my Twitter stream (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW40. Please don’t forget the hashtag as it makes your tweet and the answer easier to find. Good luck.

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