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The “planet” last week was fairly was easily identified. The Orthodox dome and four minarets were the most recognisable features. Several people identified it correctly as the Hagia Sophia, in turn used as an Orthodox Church, a mosque and a museum. The home city of the Hagia Sophia is Istanbul. The picture is published below in its undistorted form.
© Pavle Marjanovic - source: www.depositphotos.com
© Pavle Marjanovic – source: www.depositphotos.com

Several people correctly identified the city correctly as Istanbul. There were some new names this week among those who correctly identified the city. Congratulations to Ela (@ela_suleymangil), Jon (@jsparkphoto), Atul (@pixodentist) and Tim (@timofnewbury).

The “planet” for you to identify this week features a building synonymous with the city. Correctly identify the building and you will be able to identify the city.

Where 135

Can you identify the city this week? You can leave your answers in the comments below or on my Twitter stream (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW37. Please don’t forget the hashtag as it makes your tweet and the answer easier to find. Good luck.

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