Where in the World (32)

Even in its undistorted form identifying the city from the building was a bit more of a challenge last week. Some identified it incorrectly as The Winter Palace, St Petersburg – it is easy to see how the mistake can be made. The observant will have noticed that the building in the “planet” is in fact reflected in the centre. In the undistorted photograph below it is much easier to see. The building is reflected in the Miroir d’eau or Mirror of Water outside the Palais de la Bourse. These are in the city of Bordeaux.

© xlibber - source: www.flickr.com
© xlibber – source: www.flickr.com

Only one person identified the city correct. No stranger to this puzzle Tim (@timofnewbury) recognised the building and correctly identified Bordeaux even though he had not visited the city for 40 years. He admitted it was quite a challenge but one he enjoys weekly, then he added “please don’t make it daily”. Congratulations Tim and thank you to everyone who took part.

This week’s “planet” is published below. We are back to skylines rather than individual buildings. However there is an iconic building in the skyline that helps identify the city.

Where 114

You can leave your answers in the comments below or can leave them on my Twitter stream (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW32. Do remember the hashtag as it’s the best way of checking if anyone of 2000+ followers have left an answer. Good luck in identifying the city.

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