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Where in the World (30)

Where in the World (30)

The Canadian flag, visible in last week’s “planet” narrowed down the possibilities quite considerably. By the same logic the absence of any Quebecois flag eliminated Quebec City. The answers received mostly targeted Montreal but it was in fact the administrative capital of Canada, Ottawa. The photograph is published below in its undistorted form.

© Michel Loiselle – source:

Only one correct identification this week. Tim (@timofnewbury), who is getting rather good at this, correctly guessed it was Ottawa. Congratulations

This week’s “planet” is below. Rather than a wide angled shot of the city it is more focussed on one of it’s iconic buildings. All you have to do is identify the city.

Answers can be left in the comments below or on my Twitter feed (@lethers) with the hashtag #WITW30. From this week you can also visit the Travel Unpacked Facebook page and leave your answer in the comments under the appropriate  “Where in the World…” post there. Good Luck

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