Where in the World (28)

Last week’s “planet” proved, once again to be quite a challenge although it was not intended that way. By far the most common answer was Sydney though it came with varying degrees of certainty and uncertainty. It is easy to see how the distorted shape can be mistaken for the opera house but the clue that it is not is the crucifix at the front of the building. I don’t believe the Sydney Opera house has a large cross anywhere. The building is a cathedral above the Arctic Circle known as the Ice Cathedral. It is published below in its undistorted form. The Ice Cathedral is in the Norwegian city of Tromso.

© Alberto Sartori – source: www.sxc.hu


Only one person arrived at the correct answer by way of detours through Sydney and Scotland – presumably eliminating them as possibilities. Tim (@timofnewbury) was once again a winner. Congratulations.

This week’s planet is below and features a very distinctive building that should help identify the city. Identify the city not the building – there are no bonus points for identifying architecture.

© Thamar Al-Hassan – source: www.sxc.hu

As usual you can leave your answers in the comments below or you can leave them on my Twitter feed @lethers with the hashtag #WITW28. Good luck and enjoy the challenge.

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