Where in the World (27)

Last weeks “planets” marked six months of posting “Where in the World…”. Thanks to Rough Guides I was able to offer a prize of the Rough Guide to Venice and the Veneto. As mentioned last week this guide…

…has comprehensive sections on the main sights such as the Doges Palace, St Marks Basilica as well as hidden gems in the districts off the beaten tourist trails. Venice is not as expensive as some would have you believe – I know I have visited and found places far from the tourist routes that are very reasonable – and the Rough Guide helps you find them.

There are plenty of maps and features on everything to do with Venice both its history and its modern day culture. There are plenty of photographs to whet your appetite, fact boxes on specific aspects of the city and floor plans of the major buildings.

The guide also covers the far corners of the Lagoon and the smaller towns of the Veneto such as Verona, Padua and Treviso. It is so comprehensive that on looking through the guide and I realise how much of Venice I have yet to discover.

The first of last week’s “planets” is published below in its undistorted form. It is a evocative shot across the Grand Canal of Venice. It seemed that this was an easily identifiable scene as a number of people got this one right.

© Juan Rubiano – source: www.flickr.com

However the second “planet”, posted below without the distortion, proved a great deal more difficult. It is a picture of the medieval Wawel Castle. This is a prominent feature of the city of Krakow (Cracow), Poland.

© Arian Zwegers – source: www.flickr.com

There was only one person who identified both cities correctly as Venice and Krakow. Richard (@RField75) is the winner of the latest edition of Rough Guide to Venice & the Veneto. Congratulations. According to his blog, A Bit of Culture, Venice is one of his top 5 destinations which no doubt help in the identification process. So I hope it will come in useful Richard on future trips to one of your favourite places.

This weeks “planet” is published below but I am afraid like 25 out of the last 26 there is no prize. It looks more like a nautilus than a planet but is a famous landmark in the city in which it is situated.

As usual you can leave your answer in the comments below or on my Twitter feed (@lethers) using the hashtag #WITW27. Thanks to all those who attempted to identify both last week’s cities and continue to take part. Also I would like to thank Rough Guides for providing the prize.

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