Where in the World (25)

This is the 25th “Where in the World…” city. Usually the 25th anniversary of anything is marked in some way but I have chosen to mark next week’s “Where in the World…” as it is six months of posting “planets” to be identified. So for next week there will be a city themed prize supplied by Rough Guides to mark the occasion.

I have used the pocket Pocket Rough Guides several times and found that they are as near as any ink and paper book can come to being an app. I shall be reviewing the Berlin Guide in a future post so if you want to be informed about that and all new posts  then sign up to receive notifications in the sidebar on the right.

Last weeks “planet” is published in its undistorted form below. The white cathedral is the best clue but there were those who used the waterfront market and the cathedral as clues in identifying the city as the Finnish capital Helsinki.

© Timo Newton-Symes – source: www.flickr.com

This week’s “planet” had the greatest number of correct answers in the 25 weeks the competition has been running. All the usual suspects were there; Tim (@timofnewbury), Kirsty & Co (@thefrogfather) and Richard (@RField75). They were joined by photographer Jon Spark (@jsparkphoto) who has been a winner before on these posts. Thanks to all who took part and congratulations to those who identified the city correctly.

This week’s “planet” is posted below. Not so well known as some of the other planets and possibly a little more of a challenge.

As usual either leave your answer in the comments below or head over to my Twitter feed (@lethers) and leave your answer there with the hashtag #WITW25. The answer will be revealed next week around the same time.

Don’t forget next weeks quiz is a little bit more special as we celebrate six months of weekly “planets”. Most of them are pinned on Pinterest if you’d like to go back and see where we have been.

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