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Where in the World (24)

Where in the World (24)

Last weeks “planet” generated a variety of guesses in addition to the correct answer. The biggest clue was the cathedral though one person picked up on the bridge as well. The skyline is that of Cologne taken from across the Rhine. The original picture is below in its undistorted form.


© Christian Unbehaun – source:

Among the other answers were guesses that included Tallinn and Budapest. Regulars Tim (@timofnewbury) and Kirsty and coworkers (@thefrogfather) both identified the “planet” correctly as Cologne. Congratulations and thank you for taking part.

This weeks planet is below and is a fairly well known view of the city. Can you identify the city?

If you think you can identify the “planet” then leave your answer in the comments below or head over to my Twitter stream (@lethers) and leave your answer there with the hashtag #WITW24. Good luck to everyone.

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