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Where in the World (21)

Where in the World (21)

Where in the World (20) attracted more entries than any other before it. The “planet” from last week is published below in its undistorted form. This stunning photograph by Moyan Brenn is of the Hungarian Parliament building on the Danube in Budapest.


© Moyan Brenn – source:


There were three people who correctly identified the city as Budapest. Repeat winners Kirsty (@thefrogfather) and Tim (@timofnewbury) who identified it using the flags as a clue. They were joined by newcomer Richard Field (@RField75) who should recognise both building and the city as it features in the header of his blog. Well done to the three of you.

This weeks planet is below and like last week’s the city can be identified by the iconic building. Can you correctly identify the city?

You can put your answer in the comments below or you can head over to my Twitter feed (@lethers) and leave your answer there with the hashtag #WITW21. Good luck.


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