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Where in the World (18)

Where in the World (18)

Last week’s “planet” posted below in its undistorted form. The distinct shape of the building known as The Gherkin and the dome of St Paul’s identify the city skyline as that of London

Two people identified it as London, Tim Thomas (@timofnewbury) again and Ellen Braksator (@EBraksator). Well done to both of you and thank you for taking part.

The next “planet” below and is a well known landmark in the city where you will find it. Do you know “Where in the World” the twisted photograph is?

You can leave your answer in the comments below or head over to my Twitter feed @lethers and leave your answer there with the hashtag #WITW18. Don’t forget the hashtag as it will be almost impossible for me to find your answer otherwise. Good luck.

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