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Where in the World (16)

Where in the World (16)

Welcome to another “Where in the World…” the travel photographic quiz with a twist. This is the last one of 2012 but we will be back right at the start of 2013. Last week’s “planet” is shown below as an undistorted photograph.

© Cajetan Barretto – source:

I thought that it would be a difficult one to work out but it seems that it was not as hard as I thought. The TV tower was perhaps the easiest part to recognise as being part of Kuwait City.

Two people provided the right answer both of them travel editors. Maxine Sheppard (@MaxineSheppard) who edits the vtravelled blog for Virgin Atlantic and Nigel Thompson (@MirrorTravel) who edits the travel section of The Mirror. Congratulations to you both.

This weeks “planet” is posted below. Photographs of this city are often taken from this viewpoint though very few are distorted like this one.

Can you work out which city it is? You can leave your answer in the comments below or you can head over to my Twitter account @lethers and leave your answer there with the hashtag #WITW16. Good luck

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