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Where in the World (15)

Where in the World (15)

Last weeks “planet” has been straightened out and is posted below in its undistorted form below. The floodlit buildings on the hill is probably the best clue as to which city it is.

Prague at night

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The correct answer is Prague. There was only one correct guess. For the second time Tim Thomas (@timofnewbury) worked out where the “planet” was. Well done Tim.

This weeks “planet” is below and is probably the hardest one yet. This is because it is not such a well known city and is not on the beaten tourist track. It should keep you guessing (or researching) over the Christmas period.

Leave your answer in the comments below or head over to my Twitter stream (@lethers) and leave your answer there with the has tag #WITW15. The answer and a new twisted photograph will be posted next week – Boxing Day.

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