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Where in the World (13)

Where in the World (13)

This stunningly atmospheric photograph is last weeks “planet” in its undistorted form. It is a shot towards the city from the harbour. The green roofs and the spire are clues to the city. It is the Danish capital Copenhagen home to Carlsberg, hygge and the Little Mermaid.


© Tor Kristensen – source:

Two readers guessed right this week. Jon Sparks (@jsparkphoto) whose blog you can read at and Tim Thomas (@timofnewbury). Congratulations Tim and Jon.

This weeks “planet” is published below. There are several landmarks, if you can identify them, that will help you work out which city it is.

Where in the World 13

Can you guess “Where in the World…” this city is? Write the name of the city in the comments section below or if you prefer head over to my Twitter feed (@lethers) and leave your answer there with the hashtag #WITW13. Good luck. Answer published next Wednesday with a new planet to guess.

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