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So that’s where it is.

So that’s where it is.

So that’s where in the world it is.

Last week I posted two photographs – planets I called them – and asked “Where in the World…?” I like to challenge so it wasn’t easy. Indeed no one came up with the correct answer. Here are the two photographs again


There were a couple of clues; the red houses in the first photograph and the waterfront (albeit distorted) in the second. OK, loads of cities sit on the coast or lakes but at least it eliminates cities like Mexico City. I did mention in the previous post that it was in the southern hemisphere.

At the top of this post is the undistorted view of the first shot – the kayakers are paddling among the islands of the Sankt Anna archipelago south of Stockholm. So, the country is Sweden.

Above is the undistorted view of the second photograph. It is of course Brisbane, Australia

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