Where in the World…

I always enjoy puzzling out those travel quizzes which show a photograph and then ask a question along the lines of “Where in the World is this?” Currently I am enjoying the “Where in the World” quiz run by Fusion Escapes every Wednesday on their Facebook page.

Recently I discovered how to create planets like the one below from standard photographs and thought it would be fun to create a “Where in the World” quiz of my own but with a twist… or rather a distortion.

20120626-070336.jpgFor the first challenge can you tell me Where in the World is the “planet” above? All I need is the name of the country. Answers in the comments below. And before anyone asks there are no prizes for guessing right. It’s just for fun (though if anyone wants to donate a prize feel free to contact me).

The next planet is a city. Can you identify it? It’s not easy unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere. (There, I’ve given you a clue.) Again answers in the comments section below.

Have fun and if you enjoy it let me know below and I’ll post some more. Answers next week.

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